What To Do When You Move House

1.Should have sufficient savings or extra money before moving home.Because there are not prepared to demand that might emerge.

2.Make sure you paid all the bills before moving to a new home.Since there are charges and you still might be able to blacklist.

3.Tell neighbors that you move to a new home. As you might have to find the former home.

4.You must first determine the security at a place or house lilipatan you.If fussy maybe better,do not just switch.

5.Remember always that every house or place or have legal permission to the higher authorities.There are rental houses tribe does not address them.When you paid you can race and the true owner can also evict you.

6.Find the nearest police station to have moved into your new home.For if there is a problem or emergency you know who you can approach or go.

7.To find out more crimes ever took place there or happened.

8.I Like many were killed there where you live a new home.

9.Just like if you turned there because of the robbers hold-up.

10.Determine whether the area was flooded.For such are able ready to be used as a motorboat flood,life preserver,etc.

11.So as you know what things you should prepare.

12.As the storage of foods like rice,and canned goods.

13.See also a close schools in order that not first take away your children in their learning.

14.Learn lilipatan area if there are fire exit you cannot expect to fire or any disaster.

15.Also learn the area has close lilipatan hospital so asking if there was not any bad incidents that bad.

16.In case any of your family in unexpected accidents or time period.

17.Need to find out if there are guards to watch your new home area.

18.Need the guard for the safety of everyone in the family.

19.So as to know the security of your new home.

20.See also if it has any nearby building or in neighboring areas.

21.Must also have a close look at the market or any store that can you buy some food.

22.It also beautiful your new home if there are nearby and beautiful travel destination.

23.There are proper and sensible governing as MAYOR, VICE-MAYOR,CONGRESSMAN,and much more.

24.See also how beautiful and durable well-built house that you lilipatan .

25.Durable good if you look into the actions of each column home.

26.Is the place clean your lilipatan around you become your new neighbors.

27.First clean the area of your home before lilipatan or transfer of goods or equipment at home.

28.Also notify relatives that you move to a new home.

29.For if you chance to go to your relatives know that they are places where you can live a new home.

30.If you move house to give relatives the right house number and exact location or any easy to see that this market will be signs.

31.So that your relatives are not they going to lose your new home.

32.If you move house with another person can help you transport of goods or rent a car.

33.Consider that the transfer of a new home is not easy to anyone.

34.You need to have benefits such as PAG-IBIG FUND SSS,and much more.

35.So as not difficult to pay for your new home.

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