What to do when Trapped or Stranded in one place and what to do when flash floods hit your rented space.

1. If you are stranded in a place in seasons strength in the rain and high floods.And you feel high the flood and drowned near you.

2.If water is rushing to you then you should hold onto something. And find just the item that you may hold.

3. Such as wood. If you find that wood is also floating in the water, take it immediately when they have such attachment to be heavily loaded or you can hold. When this method is not able to carry energy to flow to the water.

4. If people turn beyond the flood, the better to climb and go above the roof at home and not to turn and swim more. Also to prevent accidents.

5. And wait to come and provide assistance to a signal that you re stranded in your house and you are left behind.

6. And there just on the roof and wait to come to help and was to save you.

7. If you’d have this happen more should be combined with early on this feast.

8. As you must have sufficient capacity be how you will save your self, and also devise a way how can leaving your location.

9. Create longer boat ride thereon people or by people ride it will not go down over time it will mount and use and need.

10. When this way, you will save yourself and other people if nothing else is expected  to help.

11. If you are trapped inside the elevator and when you did it also in the black out and lose without electricity. And if you’re only one over right away do not panic.

12. Find the emergency button, shown at the right side below the numeric keys.

13. In this way to hit emergency button to know that there are people left behind within the elevator.

14. The important of all is you do not need to immediately panic and fear ahead anymore because when desperate, will not be able when sober mind and how well you can out here.

15. Just always need to be comfortable and calm to be able to think carefully if you sort the right thing to do.

16. Be ready and alert to something or other unexpected happen.

17. Ask for help immediately.

18. Shield given knowing that you are in the midst of flood or danger.

19. If you are in turn to the elevator. Immediately call the guard to be assigned within the building and say that you are trapped within the elevator.

20. Important that you have contacts there who you can ask for help in case you are in danger.

21. Find out what they do or emergency hotline numbers, when thus they easily contacted, and also easy to know where you are visible and accessible.

22. Be required to provide immediately know you made, so they know where you are and what are the manufacture for you.

23. When you have this long to happen should be always to ready and find other stuff to do.

24. Once we experience this more happen at the next event of any made yet again , you know to do and so should support the need to prepare himself as not leave you where you hard man who is trapped or to stranded areas.

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