What To Do When The Fire is In Your Office

What are you doing when you are inside of the office and some tragedy come that you cannot expected. For example when you are in your office then you are busy in your job some things have burn.

Firstly if you are inside the office then have a fire don’t panic because if you are panic you don’t know what to do. Call some emergency in your co-offices and other people or tenant in the building of the office. You may also call the guard to help you with your carrying cargo containing important items.

You should think first what is the things important that you pack or put it in a box all the papers or requirements important in your office. Second you find a place where that you exit if have a fire. Thirdly you find a emergency button.

If you see a fire extinguisher you used it to the section off the area have some fire. Then if it’s not necessarily extinguish the fire you must call to a hotline of the fireman.

When you call the hotline many fireman came into the place where have a fire in your office. To put out blazing fire. Fireman is always ready for those who people need help. That’s why if you call fireman in a while fireman came more fireman not only one.

Should think if you put  all the documents in a box before you exit in the office when having a fire. Because all the papers or document in the office is important. That’s why i said don’t panic because if you panic you cannot put an important things in a box.

Think first what did you do if having a fire in your office. Of course you prioritize yourself  to exit in the office burning. Secondly find where the fire extinguisher to be checked until the fire has not been growing.

Find the fire exit so you know where you go in case the fire grow. Make sure that all documents important is holding you before you leave the burning building of office.

Also see if there have more things important inside the office that you can save. If you see the fire is not grow you pick the other important things.

And if you’re not alone in your office tell your co-offices that you need her help and then tell don’t panic. Say to your co-offices that pack all the things important documents and put itin a box.

You should consider that such circumstances are not only meant it was an accident. If you encounter this situation you must learn more what did you do if ever you experience again it.

In this event many people having trauma. But the other people develop ways to not happen to them again. That’s why people have trauma if only see a fire they cannot talk sometimes crying.

You should always remember that all such  is incidents only. That’s why you should make  an effort to not perish you in a burning office. In this situation enable the mind not to panic. Because you may perish when the panic comes first.

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