What to do when an Earthquake

1. At first I felt an earthquake, do not leave the place.

2. Go to safe and secure place and just sit and cover you’re head.

3. Do not let you stand and walk like an earthquake, take away jobs and mind which can cover and covert, to not simultaneous falling for anything that falls from above.

4. Important to protect the head first. If a table or chair, is to be able access immediately concealed and covered heads.

5. To avoid panic. Need is peace of mind so you will not become confused now than when in an earthquake.

6. If you have partners, you will not take you apart. Because you are dangerous when you separate, difficult to find each other.

7. Make sure also that you hasten or hide is tough.

8. If you do not see the table or chair to be the repository, not just jobs to sturdy things than can even cover the head.

9. Avoid also pose a place with lights, lest you fall and topple it.

10. And if you were to be stranded on a high building, do not run well yet. Because it is dangerous and to avoid accident.

11. Wait just to stop earthquake and wait the police and ambulance to response you and to help those trapped.

12. If you turn drives and reached the road. Do not attempt to drive.

13. More best interest and will be safe when stop drives and stored in a safe place your vehicle.

14. Avoid also position the car next to your pole, lest it topple and crash your car or vehicle.

15. If then also reached the road and present earthquakes that walk. Never attempt to walk or run because more dangerous. Better if you just sit cover and protect your head as not to be accidents.

16. Need to be alert to the other happen, because there do not expect any happen such as earthquake.

17. Also need to feel powerful and checking around and look at the top, to see and know if there is something fall, so thus you can easily avoid.

18. See also and checking in every neighborhood, to determine if you have to suit your requirements without assistant.

19. When you feel the earthquake there was no place to leave immediately and jobs in a safe place and shall provide immediately knew what happened.

20. If an earthquake and has been left behind, do not attempt to return to if not more important.

21. If that is also trapped in a  high building, shie3ld or pass it to call friends, or acquaintances that you have left behind the building.

22. If you do not know what to do with extra strength in fear due to earthquakes, just do not you first need to be nervous or panic.

23. Avoid the pose in an area with light or electricity. Or have indicated that using fragile.

24. Instantly go to the under the table to be able concealed and saved himself.

25. Always be alert to the unexpected happen more.

26. Need you must be ready for this matter, you need to make sure that your home is the firm foundation of each beam and its workmanship. To not spoil it immediately.

27. Also next to adequate stocks of money and support for eating are not expected to happen or other sudden disaster.

28. Always make sure that all your family members to be safe when present at the disaster such as being present when the earthquake, rain or storm and so would the present when at the flood.

29. Same when they’re ready to just about all things ever came to disaster.

30. And you know what you should do.

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