Visible Within the Trinoma Mall

Firstly if you go to Trinoma Mall is what you should remember If the house is far from Trinoma Mall of course you need to means of transportation like bus,taxi,etc.transport toward the Trinoma Mall is essential.

1.First find out where the correct path into the interior of the Trinoma Mall.

2.You must enter to the main entrance of Trinoma Mall to find out what other have in it.

3.If you were inside the Trinoma Mall much you go her to compass or you shop and if you are hungry there’s a lot of more franchise of food.

4.If you want to shopping dress or whatever you want many boutique here inside in Trinoma mall.

5.If you want to groceries, more items inside of the Supermarket in Trinoma Mall they have many shelves seperate the food,soap,appliances,and many more.

6.You want slippers or shoes they also have in Trinoma Mall more boutique for shoes and slippers you want to buy.they have good quality,branded or if you want expensive slippers and shoes they have also..

7.Buy a new jewelry they have also in Trinoma Mall jewelry gold or you want silver only.

8.Trinoma Mall is beautiful more people inside there to shopping,eating,window shopping,playing the kids in quantum etc.

8.They have escalator and elevator inside in Trinoma Mall for people who want to go the next floor.

9.In Trinoma Mall there having many many people inside. They have a showbiz person,non-showbiz, political person and so many more.

10.If you feel hungry you want to eat in second floor level of Trinoma Mall is have more stall for food.

11.More parking in Trinoma Mall that’s why you can’t worry if you have car to park.

12,Trinoma Mall is very clean and smell’s good.

13.Many promodiser,saleslady,salesclerk to assist you if you buy what did you want in Trinoma Mall.

14.More security guards inside and outside in Trinoma Mall to protect and guide all people inside in Trinoma Mall.

15.Survelliance or CCTV camera’s is also have inside of Trinoma Mall,they have camera’s in parking,food court all of the boutique inside there.

16.Camer’s or survelliance camera is important because if have people want to shoplift they see in camera’s. Otherwise known by the name he recognize his face because he saw in cctv or survelliance camera.

17.Sometimes Trinoma Mall gives a discount or three days sale the other items like dress,food in groceries, appliances,and many more.

18.Trinoma Mall is have a fountain inside and the door is automatic when you enter the door is open that’s why you cannot use your hand to open the door.

19.Trinoma Mall is very near in M.R.T.  for those who people want to ride in M.R.T.

20.Very cold inside of the Trinoma Mall because more air conditoner have.

21.The cinema in Trinoma Mall is very clean very cold, bigger and more seats.

22.If you include child there have a quantum,inside of the quantum is having video games,basketball,bump car that’s why your child is having fun when playing inside of the quantum.they also have a videoke if you want to sing with your family.

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