Should do when you move to Office

1.Fix one that all important items or documents. And other sporting Office.

2.Make sure to complete all the important uses, and no left or forgotten.

3.Tell your clients when you are moving office, so they know when you are now who gave their Office. Having your context also with former colleagues.

4. Also change your address I.D in this new office.

5. Also tell your mail man or personal assistant that you are not in your previous office.

6. And also give them the address of your new office.

7. Also make your list for your walk, or meeting. So you’ll never forget.

8. Good also to make sketch into your office, so that when someone wanted to know if you go to the area and not lost.

9. Make sure that all properly without having to present to the problem when you are moving office.

10.Also pay bills such as, land line bills, electric bills, Internet, etc.. Before  you leave.

11. Also make sure when the transfer to your new office.

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