Public Urinal for Men

MMDA put a public urinal for men because where they urinate with it that they went to urinate wherever the road.

1.They do not set it to be like a dog urinating which just also for drivers of public vehicles.

2.MMDA’s hoping that all will overtake men of urine on the way here that they urinate in public urinal.

3.N o matter where you go to see it much in the way public urinal for men.

4.Beautiful and well placement so wherever you are ensuring there it passes.

5.It is also good for preventing kidney disease in those who keeps their urine.

6.So they prevent the urine because they see public urinal for men as early and now most men are glad because they are not hard to find more public urinal when they took it on the road.

7.MMDA also put it public urinal for men to urinate where they are not just road.

8.It is also built public urinal for men to not foul the streets where they urinate just before.

9.Men would only be used for public urinal MMDA built this for them.

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