Preparing for a disaster in the Philippines

Initially when the fixed and you’re done with you when to transfer to your office. Must be sure that you have to prepare an emergency kit.

As extra Flash lights and need to be there with extra batteries. For when the lights have lost or lost electricity hired to office, somehow you have to light.

When you prepare it, put the flash light and extra batteries in a box and store it. Put in a close drawer to see and easy to get.

Next turn, and ready to side with those who eat like instant noodles, canned goods, coffee, rice and also water. Side to the needs of basic welfare such as food you need. Place your dry goods and make sure you closed it carefully. And to prevent entry of insects, ants or cockroach.

For unexpected when you are stranded in your office is there to eat stored.

Also if you are renting rooms for your office is located on the first floor of the building, and you see heavy rain. Do not wait for more to thrice on it especially.

Tell to guard that you need a help to organize your supplies and to raise it on not be flooded yet. Do you also wait for more water to enter the building before using arbitration.

Also make the list and either copy the call, such as emergency hot lines or their rescuers for when you need help you can easily call them. Put in on your table to b easily seen and contacted.

Make this map also, for when you have reached to flood your office whereby you know where you can go and which areas not flooded.

Once you see that super power of thunder and lightning. If there is already open or computer monitor better to off this first and take cover to avoid now in the fire.

Even the lights are off also. To avoid  being present also in short circuit and not electrocuted.

Also need to have you reserve extra clothe at your office. You’ll still be able to change your clothes. Although you can not go home because of strength in the rain.

Also call your family or relatives who can not get because you have reached when rain and high floods.

Also need to always be carrying umbrellas, a jacket or raincoat for rain. And also need to have extra left also within your office.

Put also a medicine kit in your office when you need to take medicine you here. Or when your office mates who can take pain medication she immediately.

Also make sure that you have an extra batteries for your mobile phone, in case of emergency you can use the phone, to call.

Check all your things and gadgets and make sure that the flood can not damage your supplies.

And also important to prepare yourself to these other happen whether or not expected. Since this disaster arrives unexpectedly. So need all the preparation that must be done beforehand just have to do that.

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