Often seen in and out at mall

1. Many visible inside and outside of the mall.

2. This include the different booth or boutique unlike the merchandise.

3. See here the different kind of shoes, different designs here.

4. There are also boutique for bags, cosmetics, shades, accessories, appliances, and many more.

5. Many also find that diversified their wares.

6. And there also have room for the seats to food and drink. Such as dry foods such as  vegetables, fish, chicken, junk foods and so on.

7. There’ll also have place for those who want to rest. You’ll find it there you can seat to rest if you are tired.

8. It’ll also be there a playground for children, as well as for adults. There are booth at basketball, video games, karaoke, and game also uses fake gun to kill enemy for video games.

9. Many can see and from within the mall, theater and also be there.

10. Outside is nice to see the mall. There you will also have it’s outlet side of the food. And goods also.

11. And shalt also seen the vehicles and motorist. And see the different people who go to the mall.

12. Seen that the different people who go to the mall that others will want to choose when they use, others will go for a stroll, and others to see that the mall is doing their meeting place or they do at the mall together.

13. See also the branch outlets or at the Bench, Tribal, Freego, Mango, And see also the branded bags here like leonardo bags, and so on. And you seen they have booth such as perfume like Aficionado, Prescripto, Lacoste, Bulgari, and many others.

14.  Also seen at the different types to food here in and out at mall. Because there will be food court  inside and outside the mall did. And franchise outlet.

15. Also notice the different designs for their buildings, the applied decorations. Because their tailoring it just about the timely occasion.

16. As the approaching arrival day for the dead. Or the Halloween between me they had Halloween decorations such as skulls, skeletons, headless head, hunt and much more.

17. Another floor will also turn the decorating for Christmas also. Like the colorful lanterns, angels, Christmas lights, Christmas tree and so on.

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