How to Ride in M.R.T.

1.If your house is very near to M.R.T. you ride first an transportation before you go to M.R.T.

2.If your far in M.R.T.much better you walk to go on M.R.T.

3.The station of M.R.Tis more the first Station is North Avenue Station the second is Quezon Avenue Station the third is GMA Kamuning Station the fourth is Cubao Station the fifth is Santolan Anapolis Station the sixth is Ortigas Station the seventh is Shaw Boulevard Station the eight is Guadalupe Station the nine is Boni Station the tenth is Magallanes Station the eleventh is Buendia Station and the last is Taft avenue Station.

4.If you want to go early to your job you must ride  in M.R.T because no traffic.

5.First if you want to ride in M.R.T. you buy a swipe card in booth before you enter. swipe card  is very important for everyone passenger of the M,R.T. because if you have no swipe card you did not pass thru the way before you ride in M.R.T.

6.If you hold your swipe card put it into a machine then the machine said ticket accepted then after that you must enter and ride to an M.R.T.

7.M.R.T is very clean and cold inside of the train and very pass if you going to a place or station.

8.If you are inside of the train of M.R.T. you feel comfortable because many seats there. have two sections the women is seperate to man in first they have seats or place for the disabled people senior citizens, pregnant women, and mother have a child.

10.Many stall in M.R.T like a loading station,food franchise, ATM booth is also have in M.R.T. Station.

11.If you feel you are hungry many franchise of food there in all of the Station of M.R.T.

12.If got an emergency call but you have not enough load in your cellphone M.R.T of all Station have a loading booth.

13.You need money but you open your wallet no more cash they have an ATM booth in all of Station of M.R.T.

14.If you are tired to walk in going upstair they have an elevator for those who people lazy to walk and elevator is for the disabled person or pregnant women.

15.Some other  Station of M.R.T is have a terminal of a FX. because sometimes other people went to province.

16.If you ride IN the train of see all the car or the person they cannot ride of the M.R.T because the wall of the M.R.T is glass.

17.Many maintenance working in M.R.T. Station because if having a problem in M.R.T maintenance is always there to construct of any problems have.

18.They have also many guards working in M.R.T to secure or to protect all of the passenger wants to ride in M.R.T. before you enter in M.R.T the guards is standing infront of the passenger for checking all the bags.

19.All of the Station of having a camera or cctv cameras to see the people who are attempt to robbery to co- passenger.

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