How to Prepare for a Typhoon

1.Should first watch the television to know if there is an impending storm coming,to prepare what to do when a storm.

2.When a storm should prepare the food or stock a food in your refrigerator for not to leave the house if any heavy rain.

3.Should also prepare the drugs in the house if ever there is any disease,they have something to drink immediately.

4.Look good if your roof at home is not properly for it to blow away the storm carrying strong.And prevent rain leaking inside your house.

5.Each column of the house look if it did not rain to enter the water if not bother rain in the morning or while each member of the family were asleep not to be disturbed by rain water leakage.

6.The windows should be closed well to not enter the storm brought rain.

7.Prepare against floods if your area is flooded like a life preserver for flooding if ever it is available per family member.

8.There should also prepare a candle for you if ever lose this light is available to you in the dark part of your house.

9.Do not sleep peacefully for the event has come due to the storm events can make you a way to survive any unexpected

events such as “typhoon Ondoy”.

10.We must be alert especially when we know there is a storm coming in so we were able to ready things to do in order not to

repeat the events as caused by “typhoon ondoy”.

11.Bring an umbrella,raincoat,jacket,slippers substitute when you are wearing shoes if you can reach the rain on the road.

12.If you took the storm in the way you should notify your parents immediately so they do not worry if ever you are your

friends near you work or in your school say to your family that you cannot go to your house you sleepover to your friends.

13.I f you go to work,but heavy rain will call it just in your office to say goodbye you will not enter due to a storm.Also for your

safety so you will not perish in case you are caught on the road by strong winds or a sudden flood tide.

14.Do not panic if the wind storm just brought it need only be alert to events like this to not feel any apprehension.

15.So we know how having the storm has past since we have experienced extreme summer heat so the cost becoming once

rain storm.

16.Fix the roof with holes so rain can not penetrate water.

17.Fix the doors in case it was crazy to go in rain water inside the house.

18.If ever lose power light a candle and watched it carefully for fire might not have to glue it because the curtain,wood is some causes a fire.

19.Always watch television for more preparation when a storm and also determine if the business of school students to not harm

these young students.

20.Always be prepare and be alert for those experienced a “typhoon ondoy” tha’s why can not experienced again because

many people lost home,many damaged economic.please always be prepared when have coming a typhoon.

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