How to keep your rented surrounding well maintained

First fix all your pillows that you used and fix the combined beds.

Then after you do that, just prepare your breakfast eaten, and now to empty your stomach. And be also prepared also to drink hot coffee or hot chocolate to warm your stomach also.

After preparing your food, you may now start eating your food and feel the deliciousness of you have eaten. And drink your coffee or chocolate drink while it is hot.

Also make sure to eat when finished will also automatically adjust the combining dining. for there is no clutter.

After you clean your table. You may now start washing those plates you used.

If you are starting washing your plates and utensils you use, just make sure that you are using a soft sponge for wiping your plates.

Don’t attempt using a rough sponge, to avoid not to be rough dishes and cutlery. Used only soft sponge or foam to maintain the smoothness.

And use a dish washing liquid not to another wash detergent.

Then after you wash your plates, to wipe the sink dry clothes to prevent the water leakage at the floor.

Next wipe the floor, you to prevent slipperiness. Then when done when sweeper the floor, unable to hang not be worn.

Then first clean the ceiling before the floor, so when you are able to remove dust sweep at it again.

Make sure that even the bottom of chairs and tables and corner are also swept. Sweep be done when bottom will gather all the mess in the middle, only for there to grasp.

Sweep the floor when finished using the reed broom, and not using a raffia broom. Because raffia broom is using for out door or outside your home.

You can now wipe your floor using a rag with floor wax. Before applying a wax to your floor make sure that there are no mess on the floor to avoid your floor looks rough.

When finished with wax to mop the floor, just let it dry. Do not allow passage to prevent the feet do not leave a scratch on the floor.

When cleaning at home make sure you are ready to use cleaner. In order not to convenience on the finds.

Then next, change your pillow cases and the seat cover also. Also your window curtains.

Then when all of dirt and dust that accumulated clutter you can now to throw it to trash and straighten. For it spread again.

And to be able to complete the cleaned your house, to spray perfume to look clean and smell more fragrant.

Always clean your room to maintain the cleanliness, even when you rent only.   Important to always clean your room rental.

This is the step that I made you the next step without proper house cleaned I follow. Thats why I clean my house so nice and I feel comfortable. And also my room it looks so nice.

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